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Updating a bathroom can bring simple value to your home.


Updating a kitchen can bring great value to your home as well as personal pleasure.

Multiple Rooms / Whole House

Updating multiple rooms or an entire house can be costly but can bring maximum value.

Remodeling can be a frustrating process from choosing a contractor you can trust to design that will add value to your home. Here are some thoughts to consider:

  • References - a contractor with sources will help determine your comfort and trust level. Make sure they have Integrity!
  • Contract - read through the contract and make sure you understand the scope of work
  • Money - For any project you never want to give a lump sum of your finances to the contractor; make sure the money you give him will cover the next phase of the project plus the labor. There should be a draw schedule in place to protect you and the contractor.
  • Design - You and your contractor should have a clear understanding of what you want. Take your time and research your design. The design of your project should always add value to your home and not take away value.
  • Reality - HGTV is a great source for ideas, but remember it can also be deceiving on how long a project actually takes and the cost of the project. During a remodel there will always be hidden and unforeseen issues with your home that will need to be fixed or addressed to complete the design. Unfortunately this is a reality of remodel and will more than likely cost you more money. Be prepared!
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